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Ways to extend the life of your auto transmission

Nashville auto transmission specialists are trained specifically to service and repair one of the most important and complicated components in a vehicle.

Your transmission has hundreds of parts and important components that regulate shifting, heat, friction and lubrication.

A transmission overhaul or replacement is one of the most expensive events that can occur in the life of your vehicle, so it’s important to find a quality transmission service in Nashville TN to help avoid problems and keep your transmission performing well.

The most important way to extend the life of your transmission is to find the best auto transmission repair shop for your type of vehicle. They will work with you to stay ahead of problems and perform important routine service.

Here are some other ways to extend the life of your transmission.

Service your auto transmission regularly

Service your transmission on time and regularly. Auto transmission is one of those things most drivers do not bother with as long as the car runs. It is better to have a transmission service professional service your transmission at regular intervals than have your car break down.

Avoid stressful conditions

Carrying heavy loads, towing a trailer, or constantly being in stop and go traffic are all hard on your transmission. If you must subject your transmission to this stress, consider a transmission cooler to keep the transmission from overheating. Let your car warm up before driving. Fluid should be at the proper temperature before moving to extend the life of your transmission.

Listen to your transmission

Be aware of performance problems. Grinding or whining noises, poor shifting and slipping are all signs of potential problems. Have them checked out before they do even more damage.

Change transmission fluids

Change the transmission fluid as recommended. Your owner’s manual gives recommendations for changing fluid and servicing the transmission. Check transmission fluid after stressful conditions. Hot weather, bad traffic, heavy loads and driving up steep hills can cause heat that burns off fluid. Replenish fluid if necessary.

Check the linkage and other components after engine work or accidents. Use the parking brake. If the car is just in park without the brake, the transmission can be severely damaged if the car is hit.

Have your car towed properly

Have your vehicle towed properly. Each type of vehicle – rear, front or all-wheel - requires a different towing procedure. Shovel out your vehicle. Don’t get it out of mud, sand or snow by driving quickly back and forth – this rocking motion could burn out your transmission or cause serious damage.

These are just some ways to prolong your transmission. General vehicle maintenance and tune ups also keep the vehicle in top shape and make it easier to diagnose performance problems. Your qualified Nashville TN auto transmission center can give more tips and recommendations to keep your transmission at its best and avoid early repair or replacement.

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