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Transmission Symptoms: from Grisham’s

None of us want something to go wrong with our car. It’s one of our worst nightmares.  Having a working vehicle is almost completely necessary in the modern age.  Whether to get to work, school, or even the grocery store, it’s more convenient with a car than without.

Getting regular tune-ups at Grisham’s Transmission Center in Nashville, Tennessee can prevent a lot of issues from turning into one of these transmission nightmares. You can set up regular appointments with this family owned and operated store. In business since 1995, the skilled technicians know how to take care of you.

What happens when you have a problem, anyway? You’re doing everything right, and something still goes wrong in your transmission. Well, the first step is knowing what to watch out for:

  1. Watch for your check engine light. This is a great indicator that something isn’t right with your car.
  2. Watch for any unusual leaks or fluids beneath your car. 
  3. Take not of any smell from beneath the hood, especially if it’s a burning smell or a rancid one.
  4. Watch out for stalling at an intersection when you mean to go.
  5. Keep an eye on unusual shifting, problems with shifting, or slow or late shifting.
  6. Make sure that acceleration isn’t an issue. Are you able to get up to speed?
  7. Listen for any funny noises your car is making. Is it whistling or grating?

These can be scary things, and it’s important to get any of them checked out as soon as possible. Make an appointment with Grisham’s Transmission Center;they can easily fit an appointment in around your schedule. You can then get your vehicle’s transmission checked with their diagnosis process.

Even if you’re worried about what they might find out or what the price might be, it’s important to get your car checked when one of these symptoms presents itself.  It could be the start of a problem that could cost much, much more. Grisham’s Transmission Center also provides quite a few coupons so that you can save some money on your car.

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