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Tips on Picking the Right Transmission Repair Specialist

When you need transmission repair, where do you turn? This kind of car repair can cost thousands and set you back for months, so how do you know how to find the best mechanics who can fix your transmission for a fair price? Unless you are a car and engine specialist, (and chances are you are not,) it can be difficult to know about fair prices, which garage you should go to, and how to pick your mechanic. If you want to save money with transmission repair, the following are some tips on how to get back on the road without emptying your wallet.

One of the best ways to pick a transmission repair shop is to go by the recommendations of your friends and family. Why read through hundreds of testimonials on a dozen different car repair Web sites when your father, brothers, or friends can recommend one who fixed their car quickly and at a decent price? Even your coworkers are a great source when it comes to finding a great transmission repair shop. This is a better route than reading a bunch of testimonials online, as it saves time.

When you do find a shop and give them a call, be leery of ones that try and quote you a price directly over the phone. Quality shops will always examine your transmission and find out what the problem is, and in some cases, an estimate in-shop might be free. However, a good mechanic will never tell you how much car repair will be before he sees the vehicle, so avoid those who do. If you decide to go with a garage that’s independently owned, be sure and speak to the owner before anything is done to your transmission. The more you know about transmission repair, the sooner you can back on the road without putting a huge dent in your budget.

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