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How to tell if your auto transmission is going bad

Replacing a bad transmission is one of the most expensive and time consuming vehicle repairs. Fortunately, if you catch problems before they become too big, a Nashville transmission service center may be able to help avoid more expensive repairs.

Some of the signs of transmission problems are very obvious: the check engine or transmission warning light is on, the car won’t shift gears, move forward or in reverse, or you notice a lot of fluid beneath the vehicle.

There are also more subtle signs that show it’s time to have a Nashville transmission repair shop check out the vehicle. Transmission problems can go quickly from a minor problem to a vehicle that can’t be driven and will cost thousands to repair, so it’s important to keep on top of things and have problems check right away.

Here are some common ways to know when your transmission is going bad:

Check the transmission fluid

This is easy to do on your own. Check the vehicle’s manual to find the location of the transmission fluid dipstick, and make sure you check when the car is at the proper temperature. If it smells like it’s been burned, this is a sign that the transmission is going bad. If it’s black or brown, it needs to be replaced.

Transmission fluid should be replaced at recommended intervals by a Nashville TN transmission repair services specialist to keep the vehicle running well.

Listen for noises from your transmission

You may hear clunking or whirring sounds when shifting gears. Sometimes a noise may be faint and not heard only when shifting, so check out any unusual noises that don’t go away.

Feel for unusual movement and performance

A transmission should always run smoothly, without any noticeable issues. Stuttering, slipping and vibrations are signs of transmission trouble and need to be checked by a Nashville TN auto repair center.

Check the RPM meter

If you notice that the RPMS race forward but the vehicle is not going faster, or they go up even in low gear, have the vehicle checked by a Nashville TN transmission shop.

It’s always a good idea to have even the smallest problems checked by a Nashville transmission repair center. Sometimes the fix may be as simple as replacing fluid, resealing the transmission to stop and prevent leaks, or fixing linkage problems.

Though it’s something you don’t want to think about, transmission repair in Nashville TN is a lot easier and cheaper than totally rebuilding or replacing a transmission.

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