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Early Warning Signs of Transmission Failure

When your car was designed, the transmission was created to work efficiently without major complications for several years.

Depending on your driving condition, you can expect your car to run for about 100,000 miles or more before you begin to experience any warning signs of failure. If you are timely in making repairs to your vehicle, you might even notice that your mileage can double before you begin to experience auto transmission failure.

Over time, as transmission trouble begins to become obvious you see visible signs such as leaking, vehicle lurching, and whining sounds. Many owners simply ignore these early warning signs and prolong having any repairs done.

However, much to their dismay they end up having to pay the hefty cost of a new transmission. It is important that you pay attention to the warning signs and immediately take your vehicle to a Nashville transmission service, Nashville, TN as soon as they become obvious to you. 

Below are some signs that you should be aware of.

Check Engine Light

Your vehicle has several different computers and sensors installed as a way to monitor the car’s condition. The sensors will receive data about different parts of the car. If for any reason something within the vehicle begins to operate incorrectly, an error code will be sent to the computer and this will then activate the check engine light. You should never ignore this light and instead find a transmission specialist who can help diagnose the problem and repair it.

Oil Leaks

Your vehicle has oil in the transmission, differential, and engine. These oils all have different purposes and are therefore designed to be used for specific parts of the car. For instance you would not put engine oil in the transmission. So there are two ways in which a leak can be detected. Major leaks will likely be visible underneath your car as you drive off. If you notice huge puddles in your parking space this could be a problem. You want to look for reddish colored oil on the ground. You should immediately get your vehicle to a transmission specialist for servicing.

Continual Whining or Humming

Every time that you drive your car you put a lot of stress and strain on the transmission. After a while you will begin to notice whining and humming noises which could mean several problems. Some of those complications could be low oil levels or a bearing needs to be replaced. Ignoring these sounds will only make the problem much worse.

Grinding, Shaking, Lurching and Clunking

If you operate a manual transmission you can begin to notice signs of excess wear and tear on the clutch. These sounds are more apt to happen in automatic transmission when something is amiss.

Delay or Hesitation in Gear Shifting

When you put your car in gear it should immediately shift. If you begin to notice a delay between shifting gears this is a problem that needs to be resolved. This means that the transmission is having difficulties finding the gears and something needs to be realigned.

By paying attention to the early warning signs you can prolong the life of your vehicle. Don’t wait until it is too late and be sure to find a qualified Nashville transmission repair specialist, save yourself from the stress of a bad transmission right away. Call Grisham’s Transmission Center in Nashville and Dickson, TN at 615-226-2789. We guarantee quality transmission repair services including auto transmission, standard transmission, brakes, flywheels, starters, drive shafts, CV joints, axels, clutches and more.

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