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Common Symptoms of a Faulty Transmission

The transmission is a part of the car no driver wants to experience issues with. It is widely known that transmission issues are typically very expensive to repair and could even require such large amounts of money that a transmission problem may mean your car is as good as totaled. Being knowledgeable about early warning signs and also the basic functionality of your transmission could potentially save you time and money, because if you catch a problem relatively early on, there is a better chance of it being fixed quickly. Timely resolution of mechanical problems, especially regarding the transmission, may be the difference between you driving a rental for a couple days while your car is in the shop, or you going car shopping because yours is kaput.

If your manual or automatic transmission is sticking or slipping, during attempted gear shift, AT ALL, you should get it checked out by a transmission specialist. Cars that refuse to go into gear are trying to tell you, “Something is more difficult for me to do than it should be and there is a reason for that!” Find out what the reason is and attend to it, or have your mechanic do so. Cars that are unable to stay in the appropriate gear are also experiencing a mechanical failure of some kind. It is very important to listen to warning signs and these are big ones. Pretty basic-if it seems really hard for your car to shift into gear, or your car has trouble staying in gear-there is a problem with your transmission.

A burning smell could be your transmission fluid reaching higher than normal temperatures. If your transmission is overheating-there is something wrong. Fluid lubricates moving parts and helps the transmission itself to not burn up. The purpose of the fluid in your transmission is to keep it cool and slippery. If you smell something off or that resembles burning, at all, and it turns out it is the cause of a too hot transmission, you will end up really happy to have had it checked out asap. Smelling or seeing transmission fluid is bad. Also, if you see fluid, your transmission is likely leaking and again-without that fluid doing its job, problems will arise in your transmission.

Noises coming from your transmission too, are not a great sign. Humming, whining or clunking is an obvious indicator that there are issues with the transmission in your car. Sounds can vary, from car to car, but as a driver, we are pretty capable of identifying: “normal sound” or “abnormal, bad sound”. Pay attention to your cars audible complaints, and have a certified technician check it out for you.

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