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Choosing a transmission repair shop in Nashville – Price vs Warranty

Automobile transmission is a combination of parts like gears and propeller shafts that transmit power from an automobile engine to the axle. A transmission is one of the most important components of a car. Any problems with your Nashville auto transmission will stop your car from operating as intended.

There are many factors that could lead to problems in your auto transmission, but the two common ones are poor maintenance and age of your car.

When you fail to service your transmission at regular intervals, they develop issues over time. Your gear box for example needs to be checked from time to time and the transmission fluid needs to be replaced also.

With age, your car’s components, including transmission wear out. When a car has been used for a long time, most parts will wear out, from the most visible ones like the car paints, body, tires and more, to more intricate systems like the auto transmission.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a transmission shop in Nashville.


Sooner or later, your car will develop transmission problems but the worst decision you can possibly make is choosing a shop or repair facility based on price alone. As the saying goes cheap could be expensive. Just because a transmission shop has cheap services doesn’t necessarily mean that you should head there. While we are not advising that you ignore difference in price, consider other factors when making a decision.


Different transmission repair shops offer difference warranties for their products and services. Knowing what these warranties are will help you make informed decision on where to take your car for service. In Nashville, TN we offer years of warranty on our service and we guarantee that you will be happy with our repair and installation of your transmission. Consider the warranty before allowing a transmission to fix your car.

Transmission shop reputation

Consult your friends and family about the transmission shops in Nashville they have used in the past and the quality of services they received. Are they happy with the service and price? Did they receive enough warranty for the service? Have they had any problems with their transmission since they were repaired or serviced? Ask about their experiences when they visited the shops. How were they treated by the car transmission specialists? Do they meet deadlines? Are they trustworthy?

Choose Grisham’s Transmission Center

Asking these questions could give you a clue that will assist you in making the right choice of transmission shop. Call Grisham’s Transmission Center in Nashville and Dickson, TN at 615-226-2789. We guarantee quality transmission repair services including auto transmission, standard transmission, brakes, flywheels, starters, drive shafts, CV joints, axels, clutches and more.

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