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Auto Transmission Repair FAQs

Auto transmission can be quite complex to understand, since the system is rather intricate to say the least. However with a little general knowledge of your car, you can have an idea of what your transmission is, what it does and how it works.

Auto transmissions are made of several intricate components that may be impossible to fully explain here but doing a little research should help you fully understand the components. Also knowing the transmission service frequently asked question (FAQs) will go a long way towards helping you choose the right Nashville Transmission shop for your car service.

How to detect transmission problems

Early detection of transmission problems will save you a lot of money. It is important that you don’t ignore warning signs or take them lightly. Some auto transmission warning signs to look out for include the following. This list is not all inclusive.

1. Look for unusual smell. If you notice some strange smell emanating from your automobile, then there is a major concern with your transmission
2. Look for unusual transmission noise. When you shift gears and notice an unusual noise, then you surely need some transmission repair
3. Look for slippage. If your transmission continues to slip, you definitely need to take your car to a specialist for service.
4. If your car refuses to move after you engage the transmission, have your transmission check by an expert.

Transmission questions to ask your shop

When you visit any Nashville transmission shop for repair, it is important to ask a lot of questions. Beyond that, it is important to know the right questions to ask the transmission repair shop. Here are a few questions to ask your chosen shop to ensure you get the best repair and service.

1. Should I change my transmission fluid on a regular schedule? How often should I change the transmission fluid?
2. Is there a difference between conventional and synthetic transmission oil? What is the difference?
3. Can you give me a price quote over the telephone? Will there be a difference in this price quote and final price if I decide to bring in my car? If so, why?
4. How long will it take you to service my transmission?
5. Do you offer warranties and guaranties with your transmission service?
6. Do you offer temporary transportation while my car is in your shop for repair? If yes, is there extra cost for this service?
7. Are your transmission repair technicians trained and certified? If yes, can you tell me the name of the organization that certified them?
8. How can I trust that your shop will do a good job on my transmission?
9. Can you give me at least five (5) customer references that I can check to make sure you do a good repair job? 10. How long have you been servicing auto transmission in Nashville?

There are different auto transmission repair shops as there are different auto transmissions. It is important that you hire the right shop to service your transmission and doing so involves doing research, asking the right questions and getting references from friends, family and past customers. It may take a while but being diligent will pay off at the end.

Transmission questions?