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10 Signs of Auto Transmission Trouble in Nashville

Auto transmission complication or failure is not something that happens often. Therefore as a car owner, you are likely unaware of the warning signs your car is showing you.

Because your transmission is an essential part of your engine and also very costly to repair, educating yourself of the signs can save you money and your car.

Below are ten signs of transmission trouble that you should be aware of.

Leaking transmission

One of the most commonly described transmission problems is leaking. If you notice a small puddle of pink colored oil under your car, you should take this as your first warning sign. Since your transmission has the ability to leak from about 20 external seals it is important that you get transmission repair specialist in Nashville to look at your car right away.

Delay in reverse or drive gears

Another clear indicator that you need to have your transmission serviced is if there is hesitation when shifting your gears to drive or reverse. Many assume that it’s due to a low level of fluid, but there are other factors that could be the culprit and repairs are a must.

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light comes on in the car, you should immediately have it looked at by a car transmission specialist. The computers in your vehicle can be sending you signs that your transmission is about to fail. Waiting much longer could cause your car to stall.

Noises from the Car

If you start to hear noises from your car this could be a sign of a bad transmission. The transmission parts could essentially be rubbing against one another which could cause a lot of damage to your transmission or other parts of your engine.

No Power to the Wheels

Have you noticed that your engine is revving up but your wheels respond later? This could mean that your transmission is about to slip.


Many car owners have reported that they noticed a shaking sensation. This is truer when going at speeds on the highways. It is true that this could mean you’re in need of an engine tune-up; however, it could also be a transmission problem which should immediately be taken care of.

Difficulty shifting and inaccurate gear starting

If you are experiencing hard shifts or wrong gear starts with or without a check engine light warning, this could be a warning sign that your car is in a computer commanded code known as "limp home" or "failsafe". This could be as a result of your car's computer detecting transmission problems.

When turning or stopping, vehicle remains in a neutral position

This warning sign may mean that your transmission fluid is in low conditions. What you must keep in mind is that unlike an engine that can still operate with low oil, if the transmission is experiencing low fluid, it means there is a leak.

Burning smells

If you are driving and experience a burning odor it could mean that your car's transmission is overheating and/or leaking fluids to the exhaust. It is important that you resolve this right away. If the transmission fluid continues to drip onto a hot exhaust your vehicle could catch on fire.

Slipping transmission

If you are revving your engine and realize it is not receiving full power to the wheels, your transmission is slipping. This should not be ignored. If you notice any of these problems you need to immediately get to a reliable Nashville auto transmission service for efficient repairs.

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